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Roy C. Moffett lectures throughout the United States on healing after loss, pain, and suffering, finding deliverance from hurt, and developing strength. Moffett is the founder and Pastor of Koinonia Ministries in Decatur, GA. He also serves as a chaplain for one of the largest, family-owned funeral homes in the southeast-Gregory B. Levett and Sons. Rev. Moffett is also the author of Grow-A 21-day consecration for Holiness and Funeral Services--A Practical Approach.

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Initially, this book served as a guidebook for fasting during Lent. Later, I added a week of messages to prepare readers for Easter. I continued writing for another two weeks and invited Pastor Charles Nesbit of the Providence Baptist Church of College Park to contribute. Later, I invited two more great preachers, Pastors Randy L. Glover and Harold Miller, to contribute their thoughts.

This work initially targeted the people of Koinonia, but it has now spread to others in the body of Christ.

Funeral Service Assistance

A Practical Approach

With nearly thirty years of experience in Funeral Service, I worked for Gregory B. Levett & Sons, where I started helping new hires by showing them the proper way to do specific tasks. I learned how to make removals for Willie A. Watkins, worked removals for Dekalb County Medical Examiners, and participated in the funerals of dignitaries, among other things. Drawing on this experience and incorporating it with my skills as a pastor, I created a book that provides guidance on providing dignified and professional services to families and the deceased.

The book has been well-received, and with the help of Lanier Levett, it has been used to teach across the State of Georgia. Thanks to the annual conference Beyond Dreaming, which is sponsored by GBL Family Foundation, the book is now used by funeral homes nationwide as a training manual, covering topics such as Removal Crew, Hearse Attendance, Directors, and High Profile funerals.

How To Handle “THIS” Hurt

After 31 years in Funeral Services, seven years as Fulton County County Chaplin under the late Howard W. Creecy, Jr, and pastoring 36 years, I have had to minister to innumerable families who’ve lost loved ones from everything suicide, murder, auto accidents, a pandemic. You name it, I’ve been there. So when my sister-in-law Jacinda Holly-Davis lost her mom, I went from talking to writing weekly to help her through that time. That writing led to this book on handling death.

Whether family, friends, sickness, unexpected, whatever, I have tried vehemently, either from the pulpit or through this written word, to help those who mourn find comfort.

I try to share the biblical way to handle “THIS”.



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Roy C. Moffett is a native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. In March 1977, Roy preached his "Trial Sermon" at Sweet Pilgrim Baptist Church in Hattiesburg under the guidance of the late Rev. W. J. Betts.

He graduated from the Hattiesburg Public School System in 1979 and, upon Pastor Betts' recommendation, enrolled in Southeastern Mississippi Baptist Seminary, where he earned an Associate in Ministry two months after graduating from S.H. Blair High School. Roy went on to study at William Carey College, now University, where he received his Bachelor of Theology.

Roy has always had a passion for ministry. In 1988, Rev. Moffett was hired as the Assistant Fulton County Chaplain, under the late Rev. Howard W. Creecy, Jr., and served in this role until 1995. He has served in various capacities, from holding services for senior citizens at the Asbury Epworth Towers and Maggie Russell High Rise to serving as a pastor, as long as it was an attempt to bring someone closer to Jesus.

Roy is a gifted musician and has played for local and national artists in all gospel music genres. His greatest love is for the acoustic piano and traditional gospel music. Preaching is his love and greatest passion. He is the Founder and Shepherd of Koinonia Ministries of Decatur, Georgia.

Roy is married to Sheila, and they are parents of four children: Kenyatta (Von), Donald (Janise), David (Ashley), and Kaila. He adores his grandchildren Bailey, Blake, Jahira, Triniti, Delani, and Demi.

He is gainfully employed at the Gregory B. Levett Funeral Home of Decatur, Georgia. In his service to the funeral industry, he has been honored to have served on funerals for Whitman Mayo (Grady from "Sanford & Son"), Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Bishop Eddie Long, Rev. Lawrence Roberts (1st Baptist Church Nutley, N.J.), Bishop Chandler Owens (Presiding Prelate C.O.G.I.C.), and Willie Holyfield (Evander Holyfield's brother).

Roy is also the author of three books: Funeral Service "A Practical Approach," GROW, and How To Handle This Hurt.

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